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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elf Cosmetics review

Here’s today’s make up haul!!! 
So i’m a big penny pincher… Especially with make up. I don’t like to waste money on a product that I’ll end up hating, but i also hate buying a cheap product and hating it. I was at target today looking for a maybelline eyeliner but instead i stumbled upon E.L.F. products. They are soooo cheap, and they’re actually GOOD products!! I bought:

  • Elf hypershine gloss in i believe rose… $1
  • Elf blush (no brush included) in tickle pink $3
  • Elf matte lip color in rose $3
  • Elf eye liner cream in black $3
  • Elf all over color stick in persimmon $1
At first I thought it was just a price mistake. NYC doesn’t even price their products that low… But halleloo! They were cheap and i love them!! The All over stick is my favorite. it makes your eyes look great and if you use it as a blush, make syou look fresh. I spreaded it a little but under my eyes and it definitely makes you look more awake. It has a citrus smell, which i absolutely loooove!
I’m a big eye liner fan. I’ve tried the average pencil with the smudger and the pen. The pen I bought prior the elf eye cream dried up so quickly, so i wanted to try the cream liners. I was surprised that these are easier to apply and lighter on the lid. I absolutely love it! I do wish the brush had a longer handle, but Elf also sells a brush collection.
The matte lip color is awesome! light on the lips and i looove the color. I thought it would be too light but it’s just perfect for my skin color. I like how it’s shaped like a pencil too. The lip gloss is also good. It did leak a bit, but that’s ok :P It has minty feel to it as well! Both the lip products have good tastes compared to covergirl’s lipsticks. They evens smell nice :)
I usually use a blush stick for blush or some kind of tint stuff. sometimes i use lipstick. I wanted to try an actual blush so I tried this one and I love it. It’s not too much on my skin. I’m dark so anything too dark or too bright looks stupid. These products are light but subtle. I highly suggest trying the elf products :)

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