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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashiolista gifts!

So Fashiolista has sent me some amazing gifts!!! I was having a pretty lame day, but this cheered me up in a jiffy ;)
I received 3 dresses- two from nelly trend and one from supertrash, Vera Valenti Eyeshadow palette and eye pencil, CHOCOLATE!!!, bracelets, garnier BB cream, Chanel polish, a notebook, Cross necklace from Fashionology, make up remover, and some stickers! These are seriously the best gifts ever!! Thank you so much to marly zweerts :)

Here's the Chanel polish in peridot :) I didn't know how expensive this was! So thankful T^T This polish is soooo awesome. It dried quickly and the color is awesome! Depending on lighting, it can be green or gold! It's really fun and kooky! Definitely my new favorite polish.
I will be doing reviews on the products seen above :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Canbah OASAP eyeliner review

Oasap recently launched a make up line, so I decided to try the eye liner. I was a big liquid liner fan, but I found the wonders of gel liner. They're easier to apply, smooth out, blend, etc. I usually use E.L.F.'s gel liner, but I've notices sometimes it gets smudgy. Canbah is a waterproof gel liner that definitely lasts longer than ELF. I tried taking it off with a cotton and water, and it didn't budge. I highly recommend this liner :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sailor and the sea

Hello! It's been a while. I've been busy with college, so sorry for the hiatus :( Being a music major is such a crazy job! I'm currently taking a break from studying to post a new look that I have neglected to show! :( 

I'm wearing high waist shorts from OASAP, the sailor shirt with suspenders also from OASAP, Glasses from giantvintage.com, and the hat was also from OASAP!
I absolutely adore that shirt. The material is super soft and comfortable. It has little loops for the suspenders to go through on your shoulders. This outfit is perfect for a summer day! Or a day out on the beach :] 
The shorts were super cute. I'm short so I'm sort of uncomfortable with how I look in it, but I still wear it ;) It's a size small, but it's pretty big on me...
The hat...Ohhh the hat. I've been dying for this hat. It's a straw flippin hat!! with a cute black bow! Enough said!!!!
Those glasses are absolutely amazing. They're transition lenses!!!! :D They're super cute and I'm in love with that site!!

Please go check out those stores! tell 'em who sent ya! ;)