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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Have you seen Jesus?

Here's another pair of glasses from Giant Vintage :) These immediately became one of my favorite glasses. They're the 3d Jesus Glasses :D Who doesn't love kooky glasses? I kept bugging my parents and kept asking if they've seen jesus hah :P

I'm starting freshman year tomorrow! So I'll be posting less from now on. Thank you for those who have followed and read my blog :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Not so Lolita

I got my new glasses in the mail!! :) Courtesy of Giantvintage.com! I absolutely love them!! I absolutely adore it. The box as filled with paper shaving things and tootsie rolls! Which was a cute surprise :D

The glasses are in great condition and they actually STAY ON MY FACE... I have a hard time finding glasses that stay on my face... But these are awesome! Has anyone bought glasses or tried some on and they kind of hurt? I was definitely glad that these didn't...

Giant Vintage has probably the best collection of glasses. I love the variety, so you definitely get a lot of choices. They're all fun and unique :) Go check it out!!

Here's a photo of my mom's handmade Sherlock purse and modeling the heart sunglasses :) I wish I could keep it myself, but noooo >:( hehe. If anyone is interested, it's still on the market!! Go to The Vintage Village on etsy :)

choies giveaway!

Go check out the freebie giveaway choies is doing!!! It starts Sept. 11 I believe. Check their Facebook and Choies.com/freebie for more details! Good luck :)

also, I might be doing a giveaway in the near future. Once I reach at least 100 followers on here, and 1000+ on my tumblr, there might just be one (; So spread the love and follow my blog and tumblrs!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

vintage village!

My crafty mum, who runs the easy shop Vintage Village, made this fancy shmancy Sherlock messenger bag! She sells vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, as well as handmade jewelry. I've put a link to the store if you guys are interested in checking it out :) I might also put up some of my artwork and perhaps my galaxy shoes for sale!!

This summer

This summer was really relaxing and nice. I got to hang out with great friends, visited cities, ate crepes, discovered more about my fashion sense, and of course started expanding my musicianship. It was a good summer, and sadly it will end in a few days...

I should really finish up my math notes, but I'm slightly burned out with math. Definitely not my forte... I also need some sleep because of my audition tomorrow!! EEP!!

OH! And I've added another store's banner so go check out mix moss! They have the best hoodies and coats collection... I want all of the hoodies so bad!! And the cool part of the site is...they sell cosplay outfits!!! :D For the inner otaku... lol

And their accessories collection is so adorable!! LOOK AT THESE EARRINGSS!!!!! Ok i need to sleep! XD k night!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I've been going to school, preparing for freshman year, and working at a middle school :P Not much has been going on, but I do have sue exciting news!!!!!! I'm going to be sponsored by Giant Vintage!!! Giant Vintage is an online store that sells sunglasses. They sell a variety of styles, which is awesome!!!! If you guys want to check it out, the link is below the this photo!

Another exciting news: I WON MY FIRST ONLINE CONTEST!! :D On behalf of fashiolista and necessary clothing, I won a $500 voucher!! So pumped to receive it!!! Thank you fashiolista and necessary clothing!! They have awesome clothes and shoes. I am absolutely in love with their boots....


Other than those, I've just been studying and trying to figure out what to do for college... Goodbye summer :(