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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I've been going to school, preparing for freshman year, and working at a middle school :P Not much has been going on, but I do have sue exciting news!!!!!! I'm going to be sponsored by Giant Vintage!!! Giant Vintage is an online store that sells sunglasses. They sell a variety of styles, which is awesome!!!! If you guys want to check it out, the link is below the this photo!

Another exciting news: I WON MY FIRST ONLINE CONTEST!! :D On behalf of fashiolista and necessary clothing, I won a $500 voucher!! So pumped to receive it!!! Thank you fashiolista and necessary clothing!! They have awesome clothes and shoes. I am absolutely in love with their boots....


Other than those, I've just been studying and trying to figure out what to do for college... Goodbye summer :(

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