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Friday, September 7, 2012

Not so Lolita

I got my new glasses in the mail!! :) Courtesy of Giantvintage.com! I absolutely love them!! I absolutely adore it. The box as filled with paper shaving things and tootsie rolls! Which was a cute surprise :D

The glasses are in great condition and they actually STAY ON MY FACE... I have a hard time finding glasses that stay on my face... But these are awesome! Has anyone bought glasses or tried some on and they kind of hurt? I was definitely glad that these didn't...

Giant Vintage has probably the best collection of glasses. I love the variety, so you definitely get a lot of choices. They're all fun and unique :) Go check it out!!

Here's a photo of my mom's handmade Sherlock purse and modeling the heart sunglasses :) I wish I could keep it myself, but noooo >:( hehe. If anyone is interested, it's still on the market!! Go to The Vintage Village on etsy :)

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