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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So I haven't had the time to blog because I recently had a show :) My first time singing in public too, so that was super cool. We were headlining! ANNND I have a test on thursday.. ICK. AAAANNND now, I might have to live on campus for college so I've been researching costs and will start packing my belongings. I can't believe it :/ I'm really sad about it because I'm very close to my parents. I love them and not being able to see them everyday sounds awful. I'll cope, but I'm sure I'll end up bawling my eyes out. Well, there you go. I'm going to study more and I hope I'll find time soon. Ta ta for now!

Friday, July 20, 2012


This documentary is so amazing. It is very relatable and inspiring as a musician and student. The way these kids talk about music, play their instruments, react, feel, breathe, and live music is so breathtaking and inspiring. This documentary is why I want to be a band director. Kids like them are so inspiring and rewarding. When I was a drum major, I absolutely loved hearing inspired kids. I could talk about music and the program all day with them. I still get a lot of kids talking to me about stuff like that and it feels so good when they get inspired. I feel enlightened and happy :] I highly suggest watching this documentary especially if you are a musician. I'm currently on a musical slump if that makes sense... and watching this movie was exactly what I needed. I miss jazz band so much. I mean, I love marching band and orchestral music, but man... Jazz is the type of music that can bring out a lot of different type of people I think. There's so many different styles to it. Just absolutely amazing.  Also, if you're a musician, you might just tear up or bawl watching this movie. I sure did....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

romwe video deux

please watch! and spread this video out there :] i'd like to win top view!! idk why the sound cuts off towards the end though.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Road Trips


So I went on a trip to Norcal with my friend Brock and we spent a lot of time hanging around Berkeley :)  I fell in love with the city and college. We met up with our friend Cameron, who will be a junior this fall, and my friend Jessie, a freshman. I haven't seen Cameron since New year and Jessie since June, so it was really lovely to see them. They both gave me a tour of campus and the city. So many hills there... My butt got a work out!!

Cameron <3
Jessie <3
I particularly enjoyed the campus. It was huuuuuge! Lots of mini forest things, the air was absolutely amazing (coming from the valley ahha), the weather is AMAZING, everything was fabulous. I liked the little shops and restaurants there! I was happy that there was a lot of Vegan places. We ate at this place called Saturn Cafe. I ordered a veggie sandwich and the boys got burgers. Cameron ordered a breakfast burger and Brock got a space cowboy.
veggie sandwich
That sandwich was absolutely fantastic. I don't like foods that are too salty or too sweet or anything, so that place was absolutely perfect!!! They even had a hibiscus cooler. Yummm :3 But I think my favorite was Crepe A-Go-Go for breakfast. The boys got a chicken and a house special crepe. I got a sucre crepe, raspberry jam <3


We also went to this cool record store called Rasputin haha! For those who don't know anything about Rasputin the Mad Monk, he's crazy cool. Well not really, but he's interesting! It was a great store. A lot of cheap Cd's, movies, games. It was 3 stories. My favorite part was the photos of Rasputin and the Czar Nicolas and his family by the door. 
Well, now that I'm back in Bakersfield, I feel really down ahha! I cannot wait to move there and become a Cal Bear!!!! GO BEARS!

My boys!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Modocat Discounts!!!

Check out this awesome online store called modocat.com!! they have super cute clothes and accessories!!
Want to save some $$ on modocat? Type in this discount code is: NICOLEN4MC ! :) Spread the word!

modocat search

How to Enter

Hey guys, Modocat needs models!! If you're interested, go check it out :)


This outfit is worn by my friend Megan. She's wearing a pencil skirt I bought from target, a forever 21 tank, my necklace from Romwe, and sandals from forever 21. Not sure where she bought her glasses, but they're simple aviators. This is a perfect outfit for a day out with friends. It's simple and chic :)


it's summer homedawg.

So here's the first official outfit post for my blog! This is also posted on my lookbook, located on the left side of my blog. I'm big with shopping at thrift stores. My hawaiian shirt, shorts, and belt are from goodwill :) A lot of people have negative views when it comes to used clothes and accessories, but if people actually look around thrift stores, there's a lot of designer clothes in there! There's things that you won't find at actual stores anymore. Sure it might smell funny at first, but just wash it guys! haha :] My hat came from dollar tree! I was really surprised when my mom brought it home. It was really cute, and I thought they bought it at forever 21 or target.... The shoes are from forever 21. They were sooo cute! I wear a lot of flats because when I was in high school I was involved with 3 bands along with other extracurricular activities, so I was always running around campus. Those shoes were about $20 at the store. They're super comfy and look good with a casual or even fancy outfits. The glasses...well I found them sitting at school one day and no one claimed it for 2 months so I took them lol!

This outfit is something I wear usually on a nice warm day. Spring or summer, it don't matta! :) The fabric of the hawaiian shirt is really light and cool to wear during a hot day. I love to wear comfortable and simple outfits, but I also like to be unique. I think the hawaiian shirt completes the unique part ;P

Sunday, July 8, 2012

this week

My seastar and I

I did a shoot today with my friends. I think it was pretty successful :] I shall be posting each individual outfits later on, but as for now I will be editing the photos and probably have a snack. I've been busy contacting online stores and have not been sleeping much :/ I also haven't been working out! Which is super bad... because now when I do work out, my muscles are all crappy! I've been considering going straight up vegetarian but it's so difficult when I go to parties and there's meat. I personally don't like meat. Bleh. It tastes like poopoo now. Well...I shall go and do stuffs.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Romwe Necklace

I got this cute necklace from the giveaway romwe was doing last month. It's so cute! I've been eyeing necklaces like these, but I never had the money to actually purchase one, and due to my school activities, I rarely wore any accessories. Not because I can't, it's just a hassle... So anyway, It has a vintage look to it, very light, not too long, and super adorable!


I have two, maybe one, months left until i start college. I'm just so dang excited!! :] It's torture just waiting for the time to pass... Lately I've caught myself logging on my account and checking my classes to see how many people are in there. I have a serious case of excitement and anxiousness...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

romwe sweater

So I got my purchases from romwe!! :) I'm in love with this sweater. it's so soft and not itchy! :D Such a cute design too. I'll post about the other freebies as soon as they're out of the wash! XD


a little about me

 For those of you who don't know, I'm a music education major at Cal State Bakersfield. I'm a freshman :) I'm hoping to become a band director one day :) I play in a ska band. I actually replaced the alto sax player that they had because he moved for college </3 He was a good friend of mine and such an amazing sax player... I sound like a sack of potatoes compared to him. I'll be better than him one day ;)

Here's my band at Rockin' Roots 2012! This was my second show too, so huzzah for me! :) Hmm well that's all I can think of right now!! Sooo tune in?!

romwe purchases

So I recently participated in Romwe's video collection and received a few gifts. I had the opportunity to purchase whatever I wanted, receive a pair of leggings, a shirt, and an accessory.On the side is what I've purchased :) I really love this website!! Hope to purchase more stuff from them in the future. My order is coming in a few days! X)

eyeshadow review

This is the main eyeshadow palette I use. A physician’s formula product. I’m a big fan of the whole “natural” look. As a student, I don’t want to bring a lot of attention to my face lol! Just some highlights and what not. So, anyway! This palette is matte. No shimmer at all. I like it for everyday use, especially at work or at school. I love the texture. It doesn’t feel heavy if that makes sense… I dont really use the sponge. I use my own brush or fingers to blend. Again, it’s about $7 at your local drugstore :) 

eyeliner review

My favorite liquid liner right now. It’s really easy to use, lasts very long, and doesn’t smudge. Application is smooth! I’m really big on organic and hypoallergenic stuff. Before I buy make up, I research on them. Might be weird, but I like to make sure it’s a good product. Physician’s Formula products are usually expensive, but this is about $7 bucks at your local drugstore. It’s hypoallergenic and fragrance free.
So I just bought this amazing new bag from Oasap.com!!! I'm really loving this site! I'll be posting photos once I receive it! :)

why hello there

So I'll try this blogger thingy thing :) I'm not quite used to blogger. I'm more of a tumblr user... But we'll see how this goes. I'll be posting reviews on make up, clothes, etc. tune in for more posts in the future ;)