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Friday, July 13, 2012

Road Trips


So I went on a trip to Norcal with my friend Brock and we spent a lot of time hanging around Berkeley :)  I fell in love with the city and college. We met up with our friend Cameron, who will be a junior this fall, and my friend Jessie, a freshman. I haven't seen Cameron since New year and Jessie since June, so it was really lovely to see them. They both gave me a tour of campus and the city. So many hills there... My butt got a work out!!

Cameron <3
Jessie <3
I particularly enjoyed the campus. It was huuuuuge! Lots of mini forest things, the air was absolutely amazing (coming from the valley ahha), the weather is AMAZING, everything was fabulous. I liked the little shops and restaurants there! I was happy that there was a lot of Vegan places. We ate at this place called Saturn Cafe. I ordered a veggie sandwich and the boys got burgers. Cameron ordered a breakfast burger and Brock got a space cowboy.
veggie sandwich
That sandwich was absolutely fantastic. I don't like foods that are too salty or too sweet or anything, so that place was absolutely perfect!!! They even had a hibiscus cooler. Yummm :3 But I think my favorite was Crepe A-Go-Go for breakfast. The boys got a chicken and a house special crepe. I got a sucre crepe, raspberry jam <3


We also went to this cool record store called Rasputin haha! For those who don't know anything about Rasputin the Mad Monk, he's crazy cool. Well not really, but he's interesting! It was a great store. A lot of cheap Cd's, movies, games. It was 3 stories. My favorite part was the photos of Rasputin and the Czar Nicolas and his family by the door. 
Well, now that I'm back in Bakersfield, I feel really down ahha! I cannot wait to move there and become a Cal Bear!!!! GO BEARS!

My boys!

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