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Friday, July 20, 2012


This documentary is so amazing. It is very relatable and inspiring as a musician and student. The way these kids talk about music, play their instruments, react, feel, breathe, and live music is so breathtaking and inspiring. This documentary is why I want to be a band director. Kids like them are so inspiring and rewarding. When I was a drum major, I absolutely loved hearing inspired kids. I could talk about music and the program all day with them. I still get a lot of kids talking to me about stuff like that and it feels so good when they get inspired. I feel enlightened and happy :] I highly suggest watching this documentary especially if you are a musician. I'm currently on a musical slump if that makes sense... and watching this movie was exactly what I needed. I miss jazz band so much. I mean, I love marching band and orchestral music, but man... Jazz is the type of music that can bring out a lot of different type of people I think. There's so many different styles to it. Just absolutely amazing.  Also, if you're a musician, you might just tear up or bawl watching this movie. I sure did....

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