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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello all! :) Just to let everyone know that I will be posting a little less from now on. I will begin my college days in two weeks and I'll be teaching flute at a middle school this coming friday! I had to stop helping out at the high school because of scheduling :( I miss my kids so much, but school first. As for now, I shall do a little work out then go to sleep :)

Thank you for those who read my posts :)
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For those who like my health post, I'll be posting recipes and work out tips soon. If I get the chance!!! Goodnight!

to nom, or not to nom?

Now, I'm no health advisor or anything, but I really wanted to make a post about dieting and a healthy lifestyle. THIS IS ALL MY FAMILY'S OWN EXPERIENCES THAT WORKED FOR US. For the past two or three years I've been changing my lifestyle because I felt that I was very unhealthy. My weight was about 120 lbs. or so. It was a difficult beginning, but now I really feel so much better and healthier! And the secret is in the foods! Yes, exercise helps, but guys- what you eat truly matters. Changing your diet will help tremendously. Maybe even more than exercising. It's not easy, but it's not a difficult challenge.

My Journey: I started my journey by doing a detox. My family does this certain detox every summer. It's an all vegan detox for 21 days. As a carnivore, I definitely did not want to do it. The first week was all veggies with no flavor. I basically threw a fit :P But then I got used to it, and started enjoying veggies. As we did this detox, we drank shiitake tea, seaweed tea, and carrot with daikon tea. And yes, they tasted like poop. I lost a lot of weight after 21 days. I believe I lost 20 lbs. During this time, I did marching band so I had some sort of exercise. My body got so used to eating vegan or vegetarian, that my taste for burgers or any type of fast food started disappearing. To this day, I am not a fan of food that I or my family didn't make. If I eat anything from a fast food joint, I start having stomachaches. And for the ladies, make sure you keep your bodies healthy. Before I changed my diet, I used to get bad cramps during my time of the month. Afterwards, it all went away!

Drinks: In our family, we don't drink soda or milk (unless it's almond, soy, or skim). We make our own tea, smoothies, but we do have our occasional coffee or jamba juice. Though, my stomach hates me afterwards! Water is a key part to losing weight. You might have heard the whole drink a whole glass before and after eating. Which is very true. Another thing you can drink, BUT ONLY DURING BREAKFAST AND/OR LUNCH, is skim milk. I've been following a one week diet and it consisted of drinking a whole lot of skim milk. Another drink that helps lose weight is green tea! Green tea is super helpful. We drink it before we eat dinner, during, and after dinner. HOT green tea helps burn the fat! I also drink hot tea after I work out, and make sure that it is GREEN TEA! Another one that helps is a concoction of hot water, cinnamon, and honey. Cinnamon helps you lose weight!

Portion Control: Learning how to create a proportioned meal is a big deal. Using a smaller plate or bowl than your usual dinnerware will help. Or if you don't want to do that, just learn to adjust the amount of food you consume every meal! And make sure you are eating at least 3 meals a day! Do not starve yourself! Noooo. Your body will hate you for that!! It will start to think you're starving yourself, therefore it will store even more fat in order to sustain health! Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner; but also snack! During my high school days, I ate a light breakfast because I tend to get sick in the morning, so I usually eat maybe toast and a fruit. Then I'd snack some almonds until lunchtime.

Organic Foods: Organic foods are healthy right?! all teas are healthy right?! Noooope! Just because it says organic DOES NOT MEAN IT IS!!! Check your ingredients guys!!! Don't be fooled! I always check ingredients before I buy food. High fructose and corn syrup does not sound healthy. Now, I'm a sucker for Tazo Tea, but make sure not to drink those every day! Despite it's deliciousness, it's still high on sugar. Make your own tea and have a Tazo or Arizona every once in a while! My parents and I make our own smoothies just like jamba juice does and we also make our own tea. My current favorite tea is the Jamaica/Gumamela tea that my mom makes. It's literally a bunch of dried flowers, boiled, and we mix honey or sugar and it tastes amazing! Anyway, truly organic food shouldn't last thaaat long on the shelf right? what in the hooting hooty did they use to preserve the product? hmmm... think about it.

What to eat: Eat a lot of greens. Eating a variety of vegetables will increase your health! And it's a good source of fiber! That means you're probably going to poop a lot, but hey... that means it's working. Pooping everyday is healthy. Pooping once a week or less is just not good... For snacks, eat a fruit. Put that potato chip down!!! Eat some almonds! For breakfast, instead of making scrambled eggs, try boiling an egg and eat a whole wheat bread! In our house, we make our own bread and it tastes way better than the store bought ones. I highly suggest investing for a bread machine! For dinner, try baking a skinless chicken or maybe a skinless fish with some steamed veggies!!! maybe have some rice! Start paying attention to what you buy, but of course you can also have your indulgences once in a while!

The key to losing weight is just changing your diet. I am currently 97 lbs and I feel so much healthier. Start researching for books and methods on how to live a healthier lifestyle! The only thing that's stopping you is yourself.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

College rant

Trying to figure out which college to transfer to is so difficult! I want to go to a really good school like Long Beach or UC Berkeley... But I hate how the california college system is so crapped up. Not allowing lower division transfers suck so bad!!! I think I've narrowed it down to where I do want to stay at a cal state for my undergrad years. Whether I end up in Long Beach or East Bay, who knows. I really love both of the places. Maybe even Sonoma. Wherever the tide takes me. I'm just really nervous and anxious about the whole thing. I know for a fact that I am not going to graduate as a CSUB Runner. Where I'll be graduating, I'm not sure yet. I've been researching all summer where to go for college. The more I research, the more I get confused with where I want to go... So I'm going to just wait it out and apply to wherever and see where it takes me. 

I've also applied at UC Merced a month ago. Still waiting for their reply... I'm not sure if I want to transfer there since their music program doesn't exist. I was planning on doing an intercampus transfer, but college is so dang expensive. If I do end up attending Merced, then I'll probably just finish my gen ed and transfer to Berkeley if I get lucky. 

I have so much plans for college and just life in general. I'm just going to wait it out and see where the universe takes me. Wherever I end up, I know I'll be happy. Right now, I'm happy about CSUB but I know it's not THE school. Berkley was, and still is, my favorite college. But I also want to explore. I haven't even seen half the colleges here... I'm even interested with University of Michigan! My high school marching band had a coach last year that graduated form U of M. She was also a band director. She and my director (or I guess ex director) are my role models, so Michigan might be a nice place.

If I could go to an out of state it would either be any Michigan colleges, Ithaca, Oberlin, or Oregon colleges. Oberlin and Ithaca are so expensive. Looking at their tuition and housing prices made me want to gouge my eyes out. Michigan wasn't too bad. Oregon was pretty expensive too, since I'd be an out of state transfer. 

I really hope the universe has something good for me in the future. All I want is to go to the best school for me, fall in love with it, and have the time of my life.
Here's another look! All of the items I'm wearing are from forever 21 :)

The dress is from Forever 21 for $20. I absolutely looove this dress. I prefer dresses with the collar and the material is so soft! The belt was from a different dress, but also from forever 21. I actually wore this outfit for graduation!

The shoes are also forever 21 shoes. $20! My favorite flats! I need new flats though... But those are so cute and comfy!

somewhat rockabilly

I am so sorry for not posting anymore ootd's!! I've actually posted these on my tumblr, but for those who read my blog, here's one that I did!

I'm wearing:

  • forever 21 blue and white pinstripe collar shirt
  • target jeggings
  • goodwill belt
  • oasap undercover bag
  • bandana
  • vans wingtip sneakers 
This is my casual, fall/spring look for school :) It has a slight hint of   rudeness ;) I really love the rude girl/rockabilly look, and I thought the shoes just ties it all together. This is also cute for when I do my shows, though my favorite show outfits involve hawaiian shirts..

Hope you guys like this outfit :) make sure to check out OASAP.com for more cute bags!!!! They're also selling cosmetics, which I'm really excited about!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Oasap sells cosmetics!

I'm so excited that my favorite online store is selling cosmetics now!! I hope the line expands... Right now I"m eyeing the bb cream and eyeliners. The glosses look super good too!! I have no clue when I got so girly, but I'm really excited about it!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


So I'm not sure if I told you guys about this, but I work at my alma mater (well volunteer really...) as a visual tech for the marching band. We just finished our band camp, and it ended very very well! We started with one week of basics in the morning then music in the evening. The second week was pure drill. The freshmen adapted well. I'm very pleased with them :) The only problems were the talking and the not knowing how to jazz run. The last day, thursday, the color guard coach (A MEMBER OF THE BLUE DEVIL A CORPS. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW, THEY WON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS AT INDIANAPOLIS) and I taught them how to jazz run better. They eventually understood and did it better. We finished a whopping 17 sets (not including subsets)! So proud of my kids.

We also got a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. He's an amazing piano player and joined the pit. So excited to see him perform. He's a great kid and I'm glad he gets to experience the wonders of marching band! Oh, and our pit instructor is also a blue devils member :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elf Cosmetics review

Here’s today’s make up haul!!! 
So i’m a big penny pincher… Especially with make up. I don’t like to waste money on a product that I’ll end up hating, but i also hate buying a cheap product and hating it. I was at target today looking for a maybelline eyeliner but instead i stumbled upon E.L.F. products. They are soooo cheap, and they’re actually GOOD products!! I bought:

  • Elf hypershine gloss in i believe rose… $1
  • Elf blush (no brush included) in tickle pink $3
  • Elf matte lip color in rose $3
  • Elf eye liner cream in black $3
  • Elf all over color stick in persimmon $1
At first I thought it was just a price mistake. NYC doesn’t even price their products that low… But halleloo! They were cheap and i love them!! The All over stick is my favorite. it makes your eyes look great and if you use it as a blush, make syou look fresh. I spreaded it a little but under my eyes and it definitely makes you look more awake. It has a citrus smell, which i absolutely loooove!
I’m a big eye liner fan. I’ve tried the average pencil with the smudger and the pen. The pen I bought prior the elf eye cream dried up so quickly, so i wanted to try the cream liners. I was surprised that these are easier to apply and lighter on the lid. I absolutely love it! I do wish the brush had a longer handle, but Elf also sells a brush collection.
The matte lip color is awesome! light on the lips and i looove the color. I thought it would be too light but it’s just perfect for my skin color. I like how it’s shaped like a pencil too. The lip gloss is also good. It did leak a bit, but that’s ok :P It has minty feel to it as well! Both the lip products have good tastes compared to covergirl’s lipsticks. They evens smell nice :)
I usually use a blush stick for blush or some kind of tint stuff. sometimes i use lipstick. I wanted to try an actual blush so I tried this one and I love it. It’s not too much on my skin. I’m dark so anything too dark or too bright looks stupid. These products are light but subtle. I highly suggest trying the elf products :)

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello! I am so sorry again for being absent, but I'm officially moving this september so I'm now getting ready for the big day :] There's not much to update besides that XD I went to the theater with my mates and we watched The Dark Knight Rises. AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS: I CRAPPED MY PANTS IT WAS SO GOOD. WOW. GREAT MOVIE. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE IT. IT SHOULD BE LAW.

Back to reality, I'm moving to my university's dorm :) I'm really nervous and excited, and I hope to have a good time there. I'm upset about being away from my parents and not eating healthy food though... That's a big issue with me. My stomach is very sensitive with fried things, meat, or anything not homemade. -_- At least I get to go home every weekend. It's going to be weird being away from my family. I'm scared that I'll start bawling, but oh well. I have to try living away >_> Wish me luck ya'll!