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Monday, July 9, 2012


it's summer homedawg.

So here's the first official outfit post for my blog! This is also posted on my lookbook, located on the left side of my blog. I'm big with shopping at thrift stores. My hawaiian shirt, shorts, and belt are from goodwill :) A lot of people have negative views when it comes to used clothes and accessories, but if people actually look around thrift stores, there's a lot of designer clothes in there! There's things that you won't find at actual stores anymore. Sure it might smell funny at first, but just wash it guys! haha :] My hat came from dollar tree! I was really surprised when my mom brought it home. It was really cute, and I thought they bought it at forever 21 or target.... The shoes are from forever 21. They were sooo cute! I wear a lot of flats because when I was in high school I was involved with 3 bands along with other extracurricular activities, so I was always running around campus. Those shoes were about $20 at the store. They're super comfy and look good with a casual or even fancy outfits. The glasses...well I found them sitting at school one day and no one claimed it for 2 months so I took them lol!

This outfit is something I wear usually on a nice warm day. Spring or summer, it don't matta! :) The fabric of the hawaiian shirt is really light and cool to wear during a hot day. I love to wear comfortable and simple outfits, but I also like to be unique. I think the hawaiian shirt completes the unique part ;P

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