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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sailor and the sea

Hello! It's been a while. I've been busy with college, so sorry for the hiatus :( Being a music major is such a crazy job! I'm currently taking a break from studying to post a new look that I have neglected to show! :( 

I'm wearing high waist shorts from OASAP, the sailor shirt with suspenders also from OASAP, Glasses from giantvintage.com, and the hat was also from OASAP!
I absolutely adore that shirt. The material is super soft and comfortable. It has little loops for the suspenders to go through on your shoulders. This outfit is perfect for a summer day! Or a day out on the beach :] 
The shorts were super cute. I'm short so I'm sort of uncomfortable with how I look in it, but I still wear it ;) It's a size small, but it's pretty big on me...
The hat...Ohhh the hat. I've been dying for this hat. It's a straw flippin hat!! with a cute black bow! Enough said!!!!
Those glasses are absolutely amazing. They're transition lenses!!!! :D They're super cute and I'm in love with that site!!

Please go check out those stores! tell 'em who sent ya! ;)

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