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Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello! I am so sorry again for being absent, but I'm officially moving this september so I'm now getting ready for the big day :] There's not much to update besides that XD I went to the theater with my mates and we watched The Dark Knight Rises. AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS: I CRAPPED MY PANTS IT WAS SO GOOD. WOW. GREAT MOVIE. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE IT. IT SHOULD BE LAW.

Back to reality, I'm moving to my university's dorm :) I'm really nervous and excited, and I hope to have a good time there. I'm upset about being away from my parents and not eating healthy food though... That's a big issue with me. My stomach is very sensitive with fried things, meat, or anything not homemade. -_- At least I get to go home every weekend. It's going to be weird being away from my family. I'm scared that I'll start bawling, but oh well. I have to try living away >_> Wish me luck ya'll!

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